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Doorways provides family counseling in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in helping families with teens and young adults ages 13-25.

Teenage years are full of wonder and expectation. But they can also be turbulent. Our teenage years  take us through enormous change in our brains and bodies, and in our social and personal lives. The first and most important place that these changes take place is in our families. Doorways understands not just what individual teenagers are going through, but also how these changes affect your family. We are here to help you understand, adjust, grieve, reconnect, and create new foundations for long lasting family relationships. We do this through family therapy sessions, where struggles can be acknowledged, understood, and doors can be opened to better family relationships.

Here’s what parents are saying about Doorways:

“I Got My Daughter Back!”

“There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Megan, Dr. Yee, Dr. Wall and the rest of the staff at Doorways for giving me my daughter back! Over this past year of treatment we’ve had so many ups and downs, experienced some not so therapeutic environments and felt completely lost at times but Doorways has been nothing short of amazing! Our daughter went to a Diamondbacks game with a friend two weekends ago. She’s really starting to enjoy life and find her voice again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”Colleen S (Verified client, used by permission)

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Our confidential and professional counselors help families learn how to communicate with each other in a caring, nonjudgmental environment.  We teach families how to resolve conflict, show love, improve communication and more.  There is help for your family!

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