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At Doorways we respect client confidentiality.  These reviews are being used by permission.   Feel free to leave your own review. You may remain anonymous.

“Our Son is on His Way Up Again!”

“A number of months ago we were on the verge of losing our son to depression and anxiety. It was then that we ran across the Doorways website where we saw these words: “Doing nothing is not an option”. Those words rang true and we acted on them and got him in the IOP group. That was the turning point. Donꞌt get me wrong, it hasnꞌt been easy―for any of us. But our son is on his way up again. We have found that the folks at Doorways not only offer expertise, but the kind of compassion and understanding that every adolescent longs for.” -GMH (Verified Client, used by permission)

“Very Positive Environment!”

“Very positive environment from the moment we walked in.”  (Verified client, used by permission)

“I Got My Daughter Back!”

“There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Megan, Dr. Yee, Dr. Wall and the rest of the staff at Doorways for giving me my daughter back! Over this past year of treatment we’ve had so many ups and downs, experienced some not so therapeutic environments and felt completely lost at times but Doorways has been nothing short of amazing! Our daughter went to a Diamondbacks game with a friend two weekends ago. She’s really starting to enjoy life and find her voice again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Colleen S (Verified client, used by permission)

“Worth the Money!”

Megan Schwallie is AMAZING!!! She helps me realize OCD is not really what your true thoughts are, and that even though they are scary, the thoughts are not you; they are a chemical imbalance in the brain. Megan is like a friend (which I don’t have many) and I look forward to seeing her every two weeks! I’m sure all of the staff are amazing too, but I’ve only met Megan. It’s worth the money!!! :)” -A satisfied patient 🙂 (used by permission)

“By the end of the initial consultation (anonymous) feels oddly calm, calmer than he has felt in a long time”

…”As expected, the psychologist proceeds to ask (anonymous) a series of questions, although something is different this time. No DSM-5. Where is it? (anonymous) looks around the office in search of the inevitable big blue book. Nothing. Surprised, (anonymous) answers the psychologist questions. Except something is different this time. Instead of looking down at the big blue book, the psychologist is looking (anonymous) in the eyes. Also, the questions she asks are more realistic and lack the absurdities of the traditional DSM-5 questions (How much time in hours do you spend stressed each day?). By the end of the consultation (anonymous) feels oddly calm, calmer than he has felt in a long time.” (Verified client, used by permission)

“Doorways Helped Restore Our Child’s Life!”

“Watching your child suffer from OCD and consequently watching your family deteriorate is a horrible experience to say the least.  Many just don’t understand how OCD takes over and controls your child’s world, putting everyone’s life on hold and turning it upside down.  It is difficult to communicate the hopelessness you feel when almost an entire year passes and you can’t find the right help; or in some cases anyone even willing to help.  On top of all this, our child’s OCD  became so extreme and so controlling that it often prevented any acceptance of help. 
But thankfully, we found Doorways.  If not for the expertise, dedication, patience and support of Megan and the entire staff at Doorways, we are not sure where we would be today.   They did what no one else could do or was willing to do.  We appreciated how our family was included, how we all learned about OCD, how to not only live with someone who suffers from it but also how to help them learn how to manage it .  We discovered how we were not alone, meeting other families suffering and dealing with similar challenges.  And of course most of all we love how Doorways helped restore our child’s life, as well as ours.  We always will be grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for us.” (Verified client, used by permission)

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